When we first thought of this game, our goal was to catch everybody interest in electronics, physics, and programming. We wanted to make an electronic game that couldn't be ruined, where the trying again and again, and testing different theories doesn't harm the elements. We wanted to wrap this up in a way that the assembly would stay simple. No need to use cables, and see if they connect properly, rather simply touch the magnetic elements to each other. No exterior tools or expertise needed! Just... Read More...



Elex Pipe - Laser Kit in Action
Elex Pipe - Laser Kit in Action


Most people learn about circuits in high school, but never actually come in contact with them in real life. When it comes to engineering that is usually not the case. Our intention was to follow real life electronics and let you build a 3D form from the start!

 Elex Pipe was designed with this thought in mind, and that's how it became the versatile piece of technology that we know today.

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